Welcome to the National Association of Healthcare Fire Officers (NAHFO)

NAHFO Scotland Branch acts as the voice of those associated with healthcare fire safety across the Scotland Region

The Scottish Branch of NAHFO currently has 10 full time members and one lifetime member. All members work for NHS boards except for one member who is from the fire suppression industry.

The branch meets on a quarterly basis within different hospital boards, spreading the meetings out, to take account of the large geographical area. A guest speaker from the fire industry is always invited to conclude the meetings, which also helps members boost our CPD.

Issues arising within the boards are discussed and advice offered with the main emphasis on trying to provide a consistent approach throughout the boards.

There are 14 health boards which provides cover for Scotland’s estimated population of 5.51 million people and covers an area of 77,933 (30,090 sq. mi).

The boards are made up from acute sites, mental health sites, forensic services, health centres, resource centres, addictions, children’s services etc.

It is the aim of the Scottish branch to boost its membership by reaching out to all the boards to encourage serving fire safety officers to join the branch.

Our Objectives


To promote

and encourage the furtherance of the highest standards of fire safety in healthcare premises.


To improve

the status and prospects of the Health Service Fire Officers, including a career structure.


To afford

facilities for training and the collation and dissemination of information to members.


To establish

liaison with other bodies on matters of common interest where this is consistent with the objectives of the Association.


We work with other fire organisations

To best achieve its objectives, NAHFO works very closely with other UK fire safety organisations and is considered as an authority in healthcare fire safety, NAHFO is made up of 13 regional Branches with a National Executive Committee that oversees the running of the organisation.

The membership includes NHS Trust Fire Safety Officers and Advisors, NHS Fire Safety Managers, Local Authority Fire and Rescue Service Officers, private healthcare fire officers and others who have a direct responsibility for fire safety within, or associated to healthcare settings.